aesthetically and conceptually innovating the
fashion and textile industry in terms of sustainability


Master of Arts
Study programme: Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries
Academy for Fashion and Design (AMD)

Bachelor of Arts
Study progamme: Fashion Design - Styliste/Modéliste
International School of Art ESMOD

Portrait of sustainable designer Maximiliane Tilch

Currently based in Berlin, 
I am a designer and researcher with the ambition to aesthetically and conceptually innovate the fashion and textile industry in terms of sustainability.

I believe that design can interweave society and nature - which is becoming increasingly urgent. Therefore, I strive for interdisciplinary collaboration with other disciplines such as art, biology and technology. 

The following pages give an insight into my portfolio, which consists of selected practical textile works on the one hand and my present research work entitled
“Design for a Human and Nature Connectedness“ on the other.

I hope you enjoy, 

Handwriting of the name Maximiliane


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